2015 is above all a year of anniversaries, which share courage and spirit of adventure. The first twenty years of MAG’s business project and the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia, whose Borgomanero factory still hosts the Group’s headquarters. The first anniversary celebrates the beginning of a contemporary, forward-looking project which draws on solid industrial experience, such as SIAI, stories of people and aerospace companies, technologies and the Italian influence around the world. This anniversary represents a link between the past and the future, a legacy that provides encouragement and moral strength, a roadmap which, while incorporating continuity with the past, looks to the long-term future with vision and pragmatism. The different stages of this path measure one’s achievements, maintain the historical memory and encourage new activities while firmly continuing the legacy.

Significant events in the reporting period

October 2014

Completion of the second phase (800 metres) of the airstrip asphalt

Setting and appointment of MAG’s Executive Committee

November 2014

KAI UAV first flight using MAG’s landing system

AW169 Control Rods FFC certification

December 2014


Contract for industrial support to Italy’s Air Force NH500 aircraft

January 2015

ITP award M345 Alenia Aermacchi landing system

Beginning of V280 Bell Helicopter experimental activities

February 2015

STC for 429 Bell Helicopter Interiors

Delivery of the first 429WLG Bell Helicopter with MAG landing system

March 2015

HAI Eli-Expo Orlando - partecipation in trade show and exhibition

Contract for the manufacturing of the first AW189 VVIP interiors

April 2015

MACH3 Certification from Quebec Government

First AW139 VIP interior at MAG Inc.’s site in Hagerstown MD (USA)

May 2015

Delivery of the first 525 Bell Helicopter interior KIT

International Yacht and Aviation Award - Private jet Belvedere concept

June 2015

H160 first flith with FFC and MAG’s landing system

International Paris Airshow Le Bourget - partecipation with Piedmont region cluster

July 2015

EASA certification for the first installation of 429 Bell Helicopter MAGnificent luxury interior

525 Bell first flight with MAG’s landing system

August 2015

Master agreement for Stylence/EMS Airbus H145 special cabin interior

International patent for materials for aircraft interiors soundproofing

September 2015

Completion of the multi-stage electromechanical actuator project - Lombardy Aerospace District

Bylaws reform and appointment of a manager for financial reporting pursuant to LD no. N. 262/2005

In line with its characteristics, size and history, MAG has always gathered and processed information on its sustainability, initially intuitively and now in a more structured manner.


Implementation of the Organisational and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree N. 231/2001


Implementation of MAG group’s Corporate Governance model


Publication and circulation of MAG group’s Code of Conduct


Preparation of the first MAG group’s Integrated Report


Beginning of the implementation of the Compliance model pursuant to Ligislative Decree N. 262/2005
  • The Integrated Aircraft Systems is therefore characterised by an offer of products and systems that has many technologies and mainly targets OEMs. It is comprised of two divisions: Actuation and Landing Systems (“ALS”) and Cabin Comfort Systems (“CCS”).

    Revenue (Mln. of Euro): 102,9
    Operatings sites (N.): 4
    Employees (N.): 434

    - Integrated Aircraft Systems
  • Unlike the CCS division of the Integrated Aircraft Systems which mainly co-designs products with OEMs, the Aircraft Services segment offers services for aircraft already developed by the manufacturer.

    Revenue (Mln. of Euro): 20,5
    Operating sites (N.): 4
    Employees (N.): 93

    - Aircraft Services

Leveraging our background as an OEM, we combine technology with design and style to be the partner of choice and the problem solver for our customers in the helicopter, trainer and b&ga market.